11 Interesting Facts About Basset Hounds

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Is a Basset Hound the Right Dog for You?

Basset hounds have a keen sense of smell and were originally bred for hunting small game. They have a distinct appearance with their long floppy ears, droopy eyes, and low-to-the-ground body. Despite their lazy and relaxed demeanor, they can be quite stubborn at times.

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Growing Up Basset Hound

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Basset Hound Humor

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Quick Facts About Basset Hounds Infographic

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Basset Hound Facts – Final Thoughts

Basset Hounds are truly fascinating and unique creatures. From their short stature and loose skin to their wagging tails and unique howls, these dogs have a charm all their own. While they may not make the best guard dogs due to their friendly and sociable nature, they excel in other areas such as obedience and endurance. With proper care, including a balanced diet and regular exercise to prevent obesity, Basset Hounds can live long and healthy lives. Their short coats make grooming a breeze, and their good manners make them a joy to have as family pets!

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