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12 Interesting Facts About the Bloodhound Dog Breed

Is a Bloodhound the right dog for you?

Is there a more adored dog breed than the Bloodhound? These gentle giants have been bred for centuries to track and hunt down prey, and their high intelligence and sweet nature make them a favorite of pet owners across the globe. If you’re thinking about adding a Bloodhound to your family, here are 12 interesting facts you should know about this amazing breed.

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1) The Bloodhound is considered to be one of the best scent tracking dogs in the world. Their extreme sense of smell allows them to track missing people, criminals, and even disaster victims across long distances with great accuracy. There are over 300 million scent receptors in the Bloodhound’s nose-more then any other dog breed.

2) Although they may not have a high top speed, they can maintain a steady and quick pace at their preferred trot for hours on end. Once the Bloodhound picks up a scent, it will obsessively follow it to its source. They can pick up a scent trail that is almost 2 weeks old. If a Bloodhound is on your trail-GOOD LUCK!

3) The Bloodhound is one of the gentlest breeds in existence. They are peaceful with humans, but are known to be aggressive when things they consider to be their territory are threatened.

4) The Bloodhound is a very social animal and can become anxious or depressed if not properly included in human activity. If left alone for extended periods of time, the Bloodhound may harm itself as it searches frantically for companionship. It is important to keep this breed active with regular exercise and mental stimulation.

5) One of the most distinctive features of the Bloodhound is its hanging skin and ears. This loose and wrinkled appearance makes them appear older than they are, but it also serves an important function when working to track scents. The loose skin allows for a large surface area that helps to pick up even subtle smells on the ground. A bloodhound named Tigger holds the worlds record for the longest dog ears at 13.75 inches.


6) The Bloodhound is surprisingly intelligent. Due to its preference for following human commands, it can quickly become accustomed to new routines and locations with proper training. They do, however, tend to be a bit stubborn and require a confident owner.

7) Bloodhounds are very family oriented animals that will fiercely protect their owners. If treated well, they are more likely to return the loyalty in the form of defense rather than offense.

8) Breed standard colors are black and tan, liver and tan, and red. A small amount of white is permitted on the chest, feet, and tip of stern. The Bloodhound will typically weigh between 90-110 pounds.

9) The average lifespan of a Bloodhound is between 7 and 10 years. This number can be increased with proper care, but they are typically more prone to health complications than most breeds. Bloodhounds are predisposed to both dilated and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. They are also susceptible to several eye problems and Gastric Dilatation Volvulus (Bloat).

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10) Bloodhounds are messy. They do slobber and drool and are not the cleanest eaters. Some even love to “snorkel” down into their water bowls!

11) According to AKC running competitions, the average running speed of a Bloodhound is 19.7 mph. The fastest recorded time is 22.08 mph.

12. Bloodhounds are very observant. They will sniff everything. Make sure your garbage is tightly closed. If something smells good and they can reach it-is not safe! They have also been known to open cabinets and push ice buttons on refrigerators…

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