Petrage is a Dog Loving-Quiz Taking Blog

Petrage is a dog-loving, quiz taking blog full of fun stuff including memes, polls, videos and interesting blog posts. Our goal is to entertain, teach and provide a cool place to grab a smile or two!


340+ Dog Breeds

The ultimate A-Z list of over 340 dog breeds with pictures and summary.


Petrage Dog Blog

Blog posts on many topics about dogs. Health and care, dog breed facts, training and more.


Dog Breed Quizzes

Hundreds of dog breed quizzes on many different breeds. Interesting breed trivia quizzes, can you identify the breed and many more.

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Funny Dog Memes

Hundreds of funny dog memes starring all breeds. No profanity or obscenity.


Other Quizzes

Hundreds of quizzes on all topics. Random trivia, music, food and more.


Need a Dog Name?

Enter your name or a word and scramble the letters one time or many times to get a very unique dog name!


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