Dog DNA-How Closely is Your Dog Related to Other Breeds?

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Have you ever wondered how closely your dog is related to other dog breeds? This table is based on a landmark genomic analyses of modern dog breed development. The study set out to provide a map of how dog breeds relate to each other. This simplified, searchable list shows the top three breeds relationship to the chosen breed in sharing identical DNA to a common ancestor.

The list is in descending order from largest to smallest relationship. All relationships are significant but:
* indicates a higher level
** indicates a very high level
*** indicates an extremely high level

Dog DNA-How Closely is Your Dog Related to Other Breeds – FAQ

How did researchers determine the genetic relationship between different dog breeds?

The researchers used genomic analysis techniques to examine the DNA of various dog breeds. By comparing specific genetic markers and studying patterns of variation, they were able to determine how closely related different breeds are and identify common ancestors.

What did the study reveal about the influence of geographic origin on breed development?

The study found that geographic origin played a significant role in breed development. Dogs from certain regions shared more genetic similarities with each other, suggesting a common ancestry. This indicates how migration and isolation have shaped the genetic diversity seen in modern dog breeds.

Did hybridization play a role in breed development?

Yes, hybridization was found to be an important factor in breed development. The study revealed instances of crossbreeding between different breeds, leading to new genetic combinations. This highlights how selective breeding practices over time have influenced the genetic composition of various dog breeds we see today.

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