14 Interesting Facts About the Great Pyrenees

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Is the Great Pyrenees Right for You?

Great Pyrenees are known to be very good with children and other pets. They are gentle, patient, and protective by nature. Their calm temperament and nurturing instincts make them great companions for families with children and other animals.

mr takis the great pyrenees by maria
Mr Takis by Maria

Growing Up Great Pyrenees

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Great Pyrenees Humor!

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Check Your Great Pyrenees Facts and Take a Fun Great Pyr Quiz!

More Great Pyrenees Stuff #greatpyrenees

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great pyrenees best friend by janis
Ryder posted by Janis

Quick Facts About the Great Pyrenees Infographic

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Facts About the Great Pyrenees-Final Thoughts

The Great Pyrenees is truly an extraordinary breed of dog. From their majestic size to their beautiful white coats, they capture the hearts of all who get to know them. As a large breed, they require ample space and exercise to thrive, but their gentle nature and loyalty make them excellent companions. They are a large dog with a high prey drive so leash training is a good idea, or they may try to pull you down the street to chase a squirrel! Their thick, double coats not only provide insulation in harsh weather conditions but also give them a unique appearance that sets them apart from other breeds. While they may require some extra care and attention due to their size and coat, the love and loyalty they offer in return are unmatched.

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