13 Interesting Facts about Chihuahuas

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Is a Chihuahua right for you?

Chihuahuas are known for their big personalities despite their small size. They are often fearless, assertive, and energetic. They can also be quite loyal and protective of their owners. However, chihuahuas may exhibit aggressive behavior if not properly socialized and trained.

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Short Haired and Long Haired Chihuahua

Although they Come in Almost Unlimited

colors, the all white (not albino) Chihuahua is the most rare. In order to produce an all white puppy-both parents must be snow white. Other rare colors seen in Chi’s are Lavender, Lilac, brindle and merle (which is NOT a breed accepted coat color). All Chihuahua puppies are born with floppy ears that usually stand up at about 6 months of age.

Growing Up Chihuahua!

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Chihuahua Humor!

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Check Your Chihuahua Facts and Take a Fun Chi Quiz!

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Quick Facts About Chihuahuas Infographic

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Facts about Chihuahuas-Final Thoughts

Chihuahuas are feisty little dogs who sometimes forget their own size. Whether they have short hair or long hair, these tiny dogs are quick learners and can adapt well to different environments. Despite their small size, Chihuahuas possess a loyal and affectionate nature, and will often stand up to larger dogs with a confident swagger. It’s important to remember that although they may be small, Chihuahuas still require enough exercise to keep them happy and healthy and may need extra warmth in cold weather. With their unique coat varieties and distinct Chihuahua breed characteristics, these little dogs carry a confident nature much larger than their body size!

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