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Vizsla Dog Breed Quick Facts

About the Vizsla Dog Breed

The Vizsla, a medium-sized breed originating in Hungary, has actually faced near extinction multiple times throughout its history. The name of the breed means “tracker” in Hungarian. It is one of the oldest breeds in Europe and has a rich history. One of the most interesting facts is that they once hunted with falcons. The Vizsla would point and flush out the bird for the falcon, who would dive and bring it to the ground.

The Vizsla is a sensitive and affectionate dog, and it needs constant attention and care. It needs a patient and calm owner that will engage with the dog mentally and physically every day. If the breed doesn’t see you as an authority figure, they may become stubborn and disobedient. This breed is very compatible with children, and loves playing for hours – but without proper exercise or attention they could become excitable or too hyper for young children to handle.

Vizslas are good for some people. Vizslas are not the right dog for everyone. Before you choose a Vizsla, make sure they’re the right fit for you. If you want a calm, laid-back dog and are not willing to walk or jog for at least one mile every day, do not choose a Vizsla. If you don’t exercise your Vizsla, it can become high-strung and destructive.

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Blue Eyed Vizsla Puppy

Vizsla Dog Breed Quick Facts

  • The Vizsla is a velcro dog. They’ll follow you all over the house, demand snuggles, and make sure you’re never alone. Vizslas are famous for being a clingy companion that will keep you from feeling lonely!
  • Vizslas are excellent swimmers. However, because they have no insulating undercoat, you should avoid taking them swimming in very cold weather. What they DO have is webbed feet, which help them get around quickly in the water.
  • It’s no surprise that the Vizsla is the 10th fastest dog in the world. Not only can they run at speeds of up to 40 miles per hour, they usually weigh at least 50 pounds. This combination is a deadly one!
  • One of the most striking appearance factors of new Vizslas are their gorgeous blue eyes. Vizslas start with remarkably blue eyes for a few months before they transform to a stunning orange-yellow shade instead. Both colors are beautiful!
  • The Vizsla has been used to create many other dog breeds. These include the Weimaraner, Wirehaired Vizsla, and German Shorthaired Pointer.

Vizsla Dog Breed Infographic

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