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Top 10 Most Popular Dog Breeds By Decade

It’s no secret that dogs are the most popular pet in America. In fact, according to the American Pet Products Association, there are over 78 million dogs living in U.S. households! With such a large population of canines, it’s no surprise that different breeds become more popular at different times. Here is an Infographic that shows the top 10 most popular dog breeds from every decade since 1900. It’s interesting how the trends and breeds change with time and certain dogs become more popular. Who knows – your favorite breed might be on this list!

Take for example the boxer breed. They popped up in the 1940’s and 1950’s but not again until the 2000’s! Boston Terrier’s were on top for a while but disappeared from the top ten after the 1950’s! The Beagle seems to be one of the champions of this list because they have remained in the top ten most popular dog breeds from 1900 until today!

Certainly popular culture, movies and the media play a role in dog breed popularity today. Bad press and governmental restrictions in some areas covering breeds like the Pitbull Terrier have had an effect of breed popularity. One this remains certain, we love our dogs and it will be interesting to see how these “favorite breeds” change in the future!

Which breeds were popular when you were born ?

Top 10 Dog Breeds by Decade Infographic

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