10 steps to house train your puppy petrage

Ten Simple Steps to Housebreak Your Puppy

Patience and consistency are two very important factors to keep in mind when housebreaking a puppy. If you follow these 10 simple steps-you will find success!

#1 Worms ?

Always take your puppy to the Vet to make sure he / she does not have worms. A “wormy” puppy cannt be expected to control their bowels.

#2 Dinner Time

Feed your puppy two – three times a day at regular intervals. Feed them a good, low residue food. If their eating time becomes regular – their elimination time will follow. Pick up the water bowl at night – 8- 9 pm.

#3 Where is the Toilet ?

Determine which area of the yard will be the toilet area. Walk the puppy there every two-four hours. Prime times to take them out are : right upon awakening, following meals and after exciting times / visits – but if the puppy gives a “bathroom look” – take them out to their spot immediately !

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#4 Lets Go – Hurry Up

When your puppy is in the bathroom area use a word or phrase to “hurry” them up and focus on the business at hand. As time goes on this will serve as a cue to keep them on task.

#5 Praise and Play

Always praise the puppy after he/she goes to the bathroom in the right place. Play and pet them away from the bathroom area. If they sniff around and don’t go – take them back inside and confine them for a few minutes before taking them out again. Many times, this will encourage them.

#6 Keep a Watchful Eye

Keep your eye on your dog when you are home. If you can’t-keep them in a crate or confined area.

#7 Accidents

Never punish your puppy AFTER the fact. They will have accidents. Punishing them an hour later will do little to change the behavior. If you catch them in the act-chap your hands-yell “STOP” and take them out to finish. Praise them after they complete the task correctly. If you spank your pup or rub their nose in their waste-you will not change their behavior but you will make them fear you!

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#8 Take Good Notes

When your puppy has an accident-take note. You may need to modify or adjust his/her schedule. Keeping a watchful eye on their habits will better help you predict their behavior. As with humans-their bodies have their own internal “clock” that tells them when to go to the bathroom.

#9 Eliminate the Odor

Always eliminate the odor from a puppy accident but don’t use ammonia or products with ammonia as they may cause a puppy to urinate!

#10 Be Consistent

Housebreaking a puppy takes patience. Any dog can be housebroken but some learn faster than others. If you are consistent and follow the steps outlined above you will find success!

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