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How Weird are You Quiz

Are YOU weird? Everybody does weird things – some people more than others. Take this quick online quiz to measure your weirdness level. Be honest-we don’t know who you are! Take the How Weird are You Quiz!

  • Question of

    How often do you open the refrigerator and stand in front of the open door for no particular reason?

    • Never
    • Sometimes
    • All the time
    • Always- because I know someone is hiding in there
  • Question of

    When you use a microwave

    • you always set the cook time to the same 3 numbers – 3:33, 2:22, 1:11 etc.
    • you stop the timer before it reaches 0
    • you set it and walk away until it beeps
    • when it’s done you let it sit in the oven until the beeping annoys you enough to take it out
  • Question of

    After you blow your nose in a tissue

    • you open it and look at the mess you made
    • you throw it away
    • you put it in your pocket for later
    • you let the tissue hang out of one nostril and pretend you are a monster
  • Question of

    When you take a shower

    • you pee IF you have to
    • you pee because you LIKE too
    • you would NEVER pee in the shower
    • you don’t shower very often
  • Question of

    As soon as you get home from work – school

    • you take off your shoes at the front door and wash your hands
    • you strip down to your underwear and leave your clothes in a pile by the front door
    • you don’t do anything special
    • you crawl around on the floor and pretend you are a snake
  • Question of

    You like to smell

    • your socks after you wear them
    • a book before you read it
    • food before you eat it
    • your underarms
  • Question of

    When You watch TV

    • you get mad and scream at shows like they can hear you
    • you get violent and throw stuff
    • you cry a lot
    • you usually fall asleep
  • Question of

    You have to sleep

    • with the pillow over your face
    • upside down – feet at the top of the bed
    • with one foot on the floor
    • with noise – TV or radio on
  • Question of

    When putting gas in a car

    • You always smell your gas cap before you put gas in the car
    • You like to play a little game and see how low your gas gauge gets while not running out of gas.
    • You fill-up once a week no matter what
    • You have to wash your windows with the gas station squeege every time you get gas
  • Question of

    You see someone you are REALLY attracted to

    • you ignore them and pretend they don’t exist
    • you follow them hoping they don’t notice so you can get more information
    • you walk right up and start talking to them
    • you find out where they live and stalk out their house
  • Question of

    When you fart

    • You move away from the smell
    • You are curious to see what it smells like
    • You kind of like the smell
    • You like to hotbox your farts to get the full aroma.
  • Question of

    Your stomach REALLY hurts and you have to use the toilet in a public place…

    • you hope no one is in the bathroom-you are kind of embarrassed
    • you really don’t care who is in there-you NEED to go
    • you secretly hope you really STINK up the bathroom
    • you make loud grunts and sighs so anyone even thinking about entering will think twice

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