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Quiz-How Superstitious are You?

How Superstitious are You?

How superstitious are you? In this quiz, we explore the most common superstitions, and see how superstitious you really are. Do broken mirrors and black cats bother you? Do you walk under open ladders? Find out if you’re more of a believer or a skeptic in this fun and quick quiz.

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    Do you have a lucky charm in your car ?

    • Yes – Several !
    • Just a Ribbon or Beads
    • Heck No ! – I keep my car clean.
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    Have you ever seen a ghost ?

    • Yes !
    • No – I don’t believe in ghosts !
    • No – but they may exist !
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    Do you own a “good luck” outfit – shirt, dress or tie ?

    • Yes – many of them !
    • No – clothes are not lucky.
    • I do have one piece of “lucky” clothing !
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    Do you ever “Knock on Wood” to avoid jinxing yourself ?

    • Yes
    • Sometimes
    • Never
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    Would you walk under a ladder on the sidewalk, or would you take the long way around to avoid it ?

    • I would take the long way…
    • I would walk right beneath it and not think twice
    • I would go under but be a little nervous…
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    Are black cats an omen of bad luck if they cross your path ?

    • No – it’s just a cat…
    • Definitely !
    • I’m not sure…
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    Do you believe our planet is being visited by aliens ?

    • For Sure – there is no doubt !
    • Maybe – it’s possible.
    • No – there is no evidence !
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    Do you have a favorite, lucky number ?

    • Yes I do !
    • I have a favorite number but I’m not sure if it’s lucky !
    • Number aren’t lucky because I have not won the lottery.
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    Do you believe in fortune tellers ?

    • Yes – there are people that can can “see” things about your life.
    • Maybe…
    • No – you make your own fortunes !
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    Have you ever opened an umbrella indoors ?

    • Heck no – Bad Luck for Sure !
    • It may not be a good idea…
    • Why Not – all the time !

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