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How Evil are You Quiz

This fun How Evil Are You Quiz is a quiz that will let you find out if your personality is truly evil. With questions about things that are considered evil, it will give you a laugh. Answering these 10 questions will tell your “evil score”. What’s yours?

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    Your EX has a piece of toilet paper trailing from the back of their pants.

    • You laugh and point it out to everyone in the room.
    • You chuckle inside but don’t say anything to them.
    • You find a reason to speak with them and carefully remove it without them knowing.
    • You tell them and take a little joy in their Embarrassment.
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    You work in a restaurant and a customer is rude and makes nasty comments.

    • You drop their hamburger patty on the floor and turn it over so both sides get dirty.
    • You sneeze on their food before you bring it to them
    • You take your time and move a little slower – but still try to be nice.
    • You apologize and try hard to make everything right.
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    Your neighbors dog poops in your yard and they do not pick it up.

    • You pick up the poop with a shovel and drop it on their doorstep. and light it on fire and laugh as they stomp it out
    • You put it in a bag and hand it to them.
    • You clean it up and ask them nicely not to let their dog poop in your yard.
    • You clean it up and don’t say anything.
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    Describe your driving style…

    • I tend to drive fast and yell all all of the bad drivers on the road.
    • I am the definition of “road rage”
    • Sometimes I drive fast – but under control.
    • I obey all traffic laws – I am a cautious driver.
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    You are waiting in line at the grocery store and the person in front of you is talking of their cell phone – loud – while the cashier waits for them to pay.

    • You push your grocery cart into them and glare at them.
    • You tell them to hurry up.
    • You shake your head and go to another line.
    • You wait patiently and look at a magazine.
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    You have a doctor’s appointment at 11 am – they don’t call you into the office until 1:30…

    • You are grateful they called you and you go into the office.
    • You tell the receptionist – half smiling – “wow – that took a long time.”
    • You scowl at the receptionist and ask the doctor why he thinks his time is more important than yours.
    • You you tell the doctor you don’t appreciate the wait and you will be billing him for your wasted time.
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    You worked all day. Your spouse comes home and asks why dinner is not ready.

    • You hop to it and prepare a nice meal.
    • You say you have not gotten to it yet -it will be while.
    • You point towards the kitchen and tell them to get cooking.
    • You tell them you already ate and ask them yo wash your dishes.
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    Your favorite type of food…

    • Anything Sweet !
    • Meat and Potatoes
    • Anything on the Grill
    • Anything Spicy !
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    You are eating at a restaurant and the service is really bad.

    • I still leave a full tip.
    • I leave less of a tip
    • I don’t leave a tip
    • I don’t leave a tip and ask to speak with the manager to get my meal comped.
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    Choose your favorite color…

    • Yes
    • No
    • yello
    • orang

What do you think?

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