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Crazy Random Facts Trivia Quiz

A Quiz for Random Trivia Knowledge Junkies

Are you a dedicated collector of useless, random knowledge? If so, this quiz is for you. The questions are difficult and the answers will take some thinking to figure out! Test your skills with these tough trivia questions. Do you have what it takes? Good luck!

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    A Hummingbird egg is about the size of a Tic-Tac breath mint.

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    How many days can the body of a cockroach live without it’s head?

    • 9
    • 2
    • 5
    • 14
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    In the Mid East-what are the qanun, nay, mijwiz, buzuq, and daff?

    • Musical Instruments
    • Types of Foods
    • Types of Birds
    • Books
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    In 1955, the first company to earn $1 billion in one year was

    • General Motors
    • Coca Cola
    • JP Morgan Chase
    • General Electric
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    What was the first album released on compact disc in 1982?

    • 52nd Street – Billy Joel
    • American Fool – John Cougar
    • Thriller – Michael Jackson
    • Rio – Duran Duran
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    512 people have made it onto the FBI “Top Ten” Most wanted list between March 1950 (when it began) and January 2017. How may of those people were women?

    • 10
    • 196
    • 277
    • 53
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    This body part can heal twice as fast as any other part of the body.

    • tongue
    • eyes
    • skin
    • fingers
  • Question of

    What is the most frequently broken bone in the human body?

    • collarbone
    • wrist
    • ankle
    • arm
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    Men are more likely than women to be left-handed.

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    A group of 12 or more cows is called a

    • flink
    • pintle
    • biostine
    • gordie
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    Last song Elvis performed in public was

    • Bridge Over Troubled Water
    • Blue Suede Shoes
    • Can’t Help Falling in Love
    • Separate Ways
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    In humans, the left lung is smaller than the right.

    • TRUE
    • FALSE

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