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Are You a Child of the 70s Quiz

The decade of the 70’s had a lot of cool stuff! Were you around? Do you remember the 70’s? Are you a child of the 70s?

  • Question of

    What was “HIRES”?

    • soda
    • candy
    • beer
    • pizza
  • Question of

    Who were they?

    • The Mod Squad
    • Peter- Paul and Mary
    • Lobo
    • Slade
  • Question of

    What were these?

    • postage stamps for mailing packages
    • bingo game stamps
    • stamps that were collected while grocery shopping
    • food stamps
  • Question of

    Yusuf Islam was a singer in the 70’s. What was his name at the time?

    • Cat Stevens
    • John Fogerty
    • Donny Osmond
    • David Cassidy
  • Question of

    What is the first way you listened to music?

    • Record
    • 8-Track
    • Cassette
    • CD
  • Question of

    What was this?

    • cheap wine
    • muscle car
    • a spray like WD-40
    • medical TV show
  • Question of

    Which of these TV shows did not START in the 70’s?

    • The Partridge Family
    • The Odd Couple
    • All in the Family
    • The Brady Bunch
  • Question of

    Both actors played the same character at different times in this popular TV series. What was it called?

    • Bewitched
    • I dream if Jeannie
    • Green Acres
    • The Beverly Hillbillies
  • Question of

    What show did these two actors star in?

    • Chico and the Man
    • Welcome Back Kotter
    • WKRP in Cincinnati
    • One Day at a Time
  • Question of

    What was this used for?

    • auto oil can spout
    • gas tank attachment
    • spark plug remover
    • snow/ice scraper
  • Question of

    When would you do the “Bump”?

    • at a dance
    • making out in your car
    • same as a fist bump
    • when you were in a fight
  • Question of

    What was Lums?

    lums logo
    • a restaurant
    • a hotel chain
    • movie theaters
    • bread and baked goods

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