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Am I a Bad Person Quiz-What is YOUR Nasty Score?

We all know there are two types of people in the world-those that see the glass as half empty and those that see it as half full. But what about the people that see the glass as completely filled-with poison? And what about the people that see the glass as refreshing cold water on a hot day? Well, today we’re going to find out which side of the spectrum you fall on with this fun personality quiz! How would you react in these situations? These questions will determine your “nasty score” because, sometimes, even good people do bad things!

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    Someone tries to cut in front of you at the grocery store with a big cart of items – you :

    • push your cart into theirs so they can’t get in line
    • ask them to go to the back of the line
    • let them in front of you
    • you start yelling and cursing and make a huge scene attracting a large crowd
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    Your co-worker did not lock the door and you walk into the bathroom while they are using it.

    • you close the door and gather other co-workers outside to applaud when they exit
    • you quietly shut the door and go to another bathroom
    • You let out a “Wow – Sorry !” and close the door
    • you stand outside the door and make loud farting noises
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    Someone is telling you an exciting story and they accidentally spit in your face.

    • you make a gag face and say “gross” -and wipe yourself with a tissue
    • you pretend it didn’t happen
    • you acknowledge it with a smile but let them continue talking
    • you cough up a wad of spit and shoot it back at them
  • Question of

    You are out on a date to dinner and your partner is smacking their food and eating loud with their mouth open.

    • you tell them you have to use the bathroom and get in your car and leave
    • you don’t say anything and act normal
    • you try to look away and ignore it as much as possible but sometimes you make a “face”
    • you start imitating them and dropping food out of your mouth
  • Question of

    You’re having a “conversation” with someone, and they’ll ask you questions but not listen to/interrupt your answer to tell you their own stories – and of course – theirs are “always” better / funnier.

    • you keep exaggerating your story to see how far they will go
    • you smile and shake your head politely
    • you politely cut the conversation short
    • you get really frustrated and tell them to shut up and listen for once
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    Someone is driving really slow in front of you in the fast lane on the highway.

    • you curse them our and blow by them giving them the finger
    • you change lanes and drive by them
    • you stay behind them at a safe distance
    • you get in front of them and drive seven slower
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    You are watching a movie-really enjoying it-but someone you are with keeps talking and wanting to have a conversation.

    • you turn up the sound real loud to drown them out so they get the message
    • you turn off the tv and have a conversation
    • you tell them you can talk after the movie
    • you get really mad and tell them to shut the hell up or you will smack them
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    It’s 5 in the morning and you just got up. You are sitting peacefully having a cup of coffee and the person you live with will not stop talking at 100 miles an hour.

    • you get up and go back to bed
    • you sit and shake your head half listening
    • you engage in conversation even though you are still in a fog
    • you mock them by pretending to talk a lot and cover your ears
  • Question of

    Your friend get’s a new hair style they love-but you think it looks BAD.

    • you ask them “omg – what happened to your hair?” and cringe
    • you tell them it looks ok and change the subject
    • you say you love it and smile
    • you laugh and point asking if they are going to a costume party
  • Question of

    You out to eat and the waiter/waitress is rude and gives poor service.

    • you make a big mess at the table and don’t leave a tip
    • you ask to speak with the manager
    • you try to be nice and leave them a tip – maybe they are having a bad day
    • you make a huge scene in the restaurant and try to get them fired

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