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“Would You Rather?”-Random Humorous Poll

Would you rather poll-10 questions-you have to pick a side!

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  • Question of

    If you could travel in time would you rather go to

    • the past
    • the future
  • Question of

    When it comes to apples – you like

    • green
    • red
  • Question of

    Would you rather be allergic to

    • chocolate
    • bacon
  • Question of

    Choose one

    • a rich spouse you do not love
    • a poor spouse you are crazy about
  • Question of

    You have to choose one

    • art
    • music
  • Question of

    On a first date – would you rather have

    • bad breath
    • bad gas
  • Question of

    Would you rather

    • eat a good home cooked meal
    • go out to a good restaurant
  • Question of

    Would you rather

    • hate your job but make crazy money
    • love your job but make low wages
  • Question of

    Would you rather be

    • abducted by aliens
    • abducted by bigfoot
  • Question of

    Would you rather date someone with a personality just like yours or nothing like yours.

    • just like mine
    • nothing like mine

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