Judas Priest or Motorhead Battle of the Bands

Two GREAT heavy metal masters. They are both amazing-but in this fun battle of the bands you have to choose a side. Judas Priest or Motorhead?

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    You are driving down a log stretch of deserted highway and want to rock. There are only two songs on the radio. Which to you crank up?

    • Living After Midnight
    • Ace of Spades
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    In your opinion-which of these is a better album?

    • Screaming for Vengeance-Priest
    • Ace of Spades-Motorhead
  • Question of

    Which voice do you like better?

    • Lemmy
    • Halford
  • Question of

    Better drummer?

    • Scott Travis
    • Mikkey Dee
  • Question of

    Better LIVE album?

    • No Sleep till Hammersmith-Motorhead
    • Priest-Live!
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    Better bass player?

    • Ian Hill
    • Lemmy
  • Question of

    Better band logo?

    • Motorhead
    • Judas Priest
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    Better Guitars

    • Phil Campbell
    • Tipton and Downing
  • Question of

    Time for a ridiculous question that has nothing to do with music. If you put Lemmy and Halford in a steel cage match (in their primes) who would walk out the winner?

    • Lemmy
    • Halford
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    Which best describes you feelings about these bands?

    • Motorhead is the BEST- and I also like Judas Priest.
    • Motorhead is the BEST BUT I don’t like Judas Priest.
    • Judas Priest is the BEST-and I also like Motorhead.
    • Judas Priest is the BEST BUT I don’t like Motorhead.

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