Normal Physiological Readings for Dogs petrage

Normal Physiological Readings for Dogs

Do you know the normal respiration rate for a dog? Heartrate? Body Temperature? If you own a dog you should!

Taking a Dogs Temperature

According ot many vetrenarians, the most effective and accurate way to take a dogs temperature is with a rectal thermometer. Digital or bulb will work but digital is more convenient.

Checking Your Dogs Heartrate

The most reliable and accurate way to check a dogs heartrate at home is by using the femorial artery in the groin. Place your hand over the inside of the thigh and press lightly until you feel a pulse. Count the beats you feel for 15 seconds and multiply the number by 4. This will give you the beats per minute. You can also check for a heartbeat by placing your hand on the dogs left side, just behind the front leg. Another place you can use is just below the dog’s elbow joint.

Checking Your Dogs Respiration Rate

To check your dogs respiration rate, site close to your dog. He/she should be calm and relaxed. Watch as its chest/torso expands and contracts. One breath is made up of one inhale and one exhale. Couny for 30 seconds and multiple your answer by 2 and you will get the breaths per minute.

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