Lora 6 months !what breed is??

I have it from.month baby ,we love her so much all the family and she warm up all of us ,i dont care what breed is,but if can y tell m from foto ok.shes know almost 29kilos,she has tall feets,very good with people and with dogs she runs ,all kinds of breeds,in home if we want to play is the time ,she has no problem and play very stron with the rop or take on her mouth something and run to cach her,she is very smart and lazy and not noise the moments of rest ,she lives the water and when i m going to wc to take my bath ,she is all ready insade to .and waits to give her water or to make her bath ,is very smart and before in the pass i grow up ,first with ramona canuche bred and after her deth …i take a boxer ,roudi so i have some experince with dogs ,and she is no problem dog even her wc she goes out to house area and no way insade,ir if the doors is close it !!??so what??she goes,her foot on door and waits to open her,!!in face looks like Labrador but with no gold or white colours if them ,and about her body ,she walks like a doberman or putbull she has no oroblem to play with all dogs breds ,and she is brave too and no way to afraid even the run strikes of wether ,can y tell me what is ??thank y me and lira so much and have a goid day from greece piraeus!!!!


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