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10 Cool Facts about the Jack Russell Terrier

Should you get a Jack Russell Terrier?

1) The Jack Russell Terrier was named after its founder, an English clergyman by the name of John Russell (1795-1883), who hunted with a white and brown terrier, now called a Parson Jack Russell Terrier.

2) The Jack Russell Terrier is known for its distinctive white coat with either brown or black markings and can have a smooth, broken or rough coat. According to many JRT owners, the smooth-coated Jack Russells shed more than the longer coats. In any case-have the vacuum ready because they are shedders!

3) Despite its small size, the Jack Russell Terrier has a strong personality that allows it to challenge larger dogs. They rank VERY high in dog rivelry and VERY high in chasing other small pets.

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4) The Jack Russell Terrier is an intelligent and energetic breed, making it rather difficult for owners to train. They are often described as being “head strong” with a VERY strong prey drive. They are smart enough to learn commands easily but even smarter to realize that they DON’T HAVE TO!

5) Jack Russell Terriers are VERY high energy dogs that need a lot of exercise every day. They also rank 6 out of 124 dog breeds for excitability-they can be HYPER! They love to play outside and run around, so taking them for a walk or letting them participate in activities such as fly ball and frisbee will help to excersise them.


6) April 1st, 2003, the official name of the AKC-recognized Jack Russell Terrier was changed to the Parson Russell Terrier. The AKC does recognize the name Jack Russell Terrier.

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7) Jack Russell Terriers were bred as hunting dogs, specifically baying terriers. Their job was to hunt down foxes (or other small prey) and trap them-barking like mad until the hunters arrived.

8) JRT’s have a very high energy level and an amazing vertical jump. They can jump more than 5 times their own height. So your 12 inch JRT can jump more than five feet high!

9) Jack Russel Terriers are used as snake detector dogs. Using 17 JRT’s with a combination of traps, the USDA removed 8300 brown tree snakes in Guam. JRT’s are one of the only breeds with the intelligence and agility NOT to get bitten by the snakes.

10) They tend to be STUBBORN. They are rated as the 4th most stubborn breed after the Beagle, Bulldog and Dachshund.

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