4 simple test to determine a puppies temperament petrage

How to Determine A Puppies Temperament

Looking for a Puppy? Here are four simple tests to determine a puppies temperament-aggressive-submissive or just the right personality?

Four Simple Tests

1. Hold the puppy a few inches off the floor.

  • Normal : Struggles momentarily and settles down
  • Dominent : Struggles – howls and may bite
  • Submissive : Dangles without struggle – urinates – panics

2. Hold the puppy on its back on your lap and speak softly.

  • Normal : Struggle and settle – this is what you want
  • Dominant : Struggle – not settle down – try to get away – bite.
  • Submissive : Lay on it’s back without struggle

3. Set the puppy on it’s feet on the floor and throw a ball or crumbled paper.

  • Normal : Chase it – play with it – let you have it back without to much resistance
  • Dominant : Chase it and take it away to a corner and growl when you try to get it
  • Submissive : May be afraid of the object or ignore it

4. Crouch down a few feet from the puppy and call him / her to you.

  • Normal : Will come happy – ready to play
  • Dominant : Charge you and jump on you or ignore you.
  • Submissive : Come slowly-roll over and give his belly-go to a corner… may urinate when being touched.

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