Gunnar’s growth

Our boy was 7 last October, and so far has been very healthy. These are some images spanning the time when he was 10 weeks old thru 3/2020.

gunner the bmd puppy petrage


In our family room the first week home.


One tired puppy sleeps in the warm sun.

The spot

From here, he can see what is going on in the family room, see who goes into the kitchen and into the entry way if the house...the spot.

Being a watchdog

Looking for something or someone to bark at from his perch in the back yard.

Yeah, this is my house!

Checking out activity down the street from our driveway.

This is MY Dad!

Needs ni explanation, right?

Mom is my person…

He won’t lay in my lap like this, only in my wife’s.

What do you think?

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