Dog Tail Wagging-What Does it Mean?

Tail wagging to the left or right side? What’s the difference? A recent study in the scientific journal Current Biology has determined there is a big difference.

Similar to humans, dogs seem to use both the left side and right side of their brains and that behaviour is indicated by the way their tails wag. In a previous study, these researchers found that when dogs wag their tails to the left side when they feel negative emotions and the right side when they feel positive emotions.

In this study, dogs were shown videos of other dogs wagging their tails to right or to the left. Seeing a dog wagging its tail to the left side produced physiological signs of anxiety and targeting responses as well as increased cardiac frequency. While watching a dog wagging its tail to the right side, dogs remained in a relaxed state without any physiological responses.

dog tail wagging behavior left or right petrage

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