Dog Breed Video Identification MASTER Quiz

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144 Dog Breed Video Identification Master Quiz

Think you know your dog breeds? Well, get ready for the ultimate challenge! This quiz is not for the faint of heart. With a whopping 144 dog breeds spread across 12 one-minute video quizzes, it’s like a marathon for your brain. The quizzes start off easy, but don’t be fooled – they quickly ramp up in difficulty. And just to add a little extra pressure, you only have two minutes to complete each quiz. Can you handle the heat? Can you guess them all and earn your coveted Dog Breed Identification Masters Degree? It’s time to put your skills to the test and show the world that you’re the top dog when it comes to breed knowledge!

Good luck!

Dog Breed Video Identification MASTER Quiz Beginners Level

3 Quizzes-36 Dog Breeds

This is were you start! The most popular and well-known dog breeds are listed here.
Each quiz has a total of 12 breeds. Enter your name and email address, then press “NEXT” to begin watching the 1 minute video. You’ll have two minutes to choose the proper dog breed from the video. You have the option to pause the video, but keep in mind that the timer is still ticking!

Dog Breed Video Identification MASTER Quiz Intermediate Level

3 Quizzes-36 Dog Breeds

These are the “intermediate” dog breeds. Not quite as popular as the dogs in the beginners group but if you have been around dogs-you should do well.

Dog Breed Video Identification MASTER Quiz Advanced Level

3 Quizzes-36 Dog Breeds

Now you get show what you REALLY know. Some of these dog breeds are recognizable and some look like other breeds-which makes them more difficult to identify!

Dog Breed Video Identification MASTERS Level

3 Quizzes-36 Dog Breeds

If you have made it this far-great job! These are breeds that most people have never heard of…There are a few easy ones thrown in but if you can score 90% in this group-you are a REAL MASTER!

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