Coltrane’s Something About Jazz

This is my service dog Jazz. Absolutely the most amazing, loving, loyal, reachable dog I’ve ever owned. My caretaker, protector, best friend, confidant and soul mate. When I became disabled my life seemed to disappear into a black hole. The day I brought Jazz home I felt alive again. He gives me so many reasons to look forward to tomorrow and I can honestly say because of him I have lived a full and meaningful life.

Always on the job

He grounds me and watches me through anxiety and panic attacks

How you durrin’?

Regal? Well, sometimes you just want to be a dork


Even though you can’t see his face this is one of my top 3 photos of Jazz. He was 11 months and this was the first time I noticed he had a big boy chest.

Where do you think you’re going?

This is actually one of Jazz’s favorite people. To be fair he loves everyone he meets.

Mom! Uncle Ryan has Cheese and he’s not sharing.

Jazz in front and my nephew and his boy Jake on the couch. They were in town for Jakes first Scent trial. This sparked an interest for me and Jazz now LOVES nose work!


If I could only read his mind sometimes.


my doberman petrage

I’m kidding. This boy has absolutely no prey drive. PLAY DRIVE-YES! Squirrels, raccoons, geese, you name it, he wants to be their friend.

Eagle eye

doberman profile picture petrage

I could look at him all day.

Got Chest?

sitting doberman petrage

Yep. 40 inches

What do you think?

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Written by Robin Wilson

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