Caregiver Chronicles

Hi this is Kevin from the Elliston posting. My job is full time 24/7. But there are times when I can just relax and chill. I like to spend most of my “free” time right by my mommy. She needs me the most. My second job is taking care of mommy. This is different than my security job. This job I get to be more hands on and more social work is involved. I’m mostly here to help her through the day. Sometimes she’s hurting, or feeling weak, or I can just tell she isn’t feeling right. Those days it is my job to comfort her and make her day just a little brighter. I do this in many ways but being close by is a necessity. I can’t help her feel better from across the room that’s for sure. She says having Fabry disease can be exhausting, but having me around gives her a little pep. Even though this is my second job, it really is just as important as my first job.
Kevin The Dog
Caregiver Chronicles

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