Battle of the Breeds Yorkie vs Saint Bernard

yorkie vs st bernard quiz petrage

In the ultimate face-off between big and small, we have the lovable Saint Bernard squaring off against the spirited Yorkshire Terrier. These two breeds may differ in size, but they both bring a lot of heart to the table. The Saint Bernard is known for its gentle giant demeanor, while the Yorkshire Terrier is full of spunk and energy. It’s like a modern-day David and Goliath tale, with each breed showcasing its unique strengths. So, are you on Team Yorkie or Team St. Bernard? Let the showdown begin!

Yorkie vs Saint Bernard

Yorkies are known for being feisty, energetic, and fiercely protective of their families despite their small size. On the other hand, Saint Bernards are gentle giants – friendly, calm, and often described as “nanny dogs”.

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