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Cane Corso Dog Breed Infographic and Information

Cane Corso Dog Breed Information

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Cane Corso Dog Breed Introduction 

The Cane Corso dog breed is a large Italian Mastiff that is related to the Neapolitan Mastiff. The Cane Corso is the “Athletic Mastiff” as they are well muscled and less bulky than most other varieties of this breed. With a chiseled muscle structure, this dog can look very intimating-but looks can be deceiving! A Cane Corso is a dog that is very eager to please their owner – they are loyal, proud, strong and fearless. As with any dog – the temperament depends on how that dog is raised.

This breed should not be left alone-they are very social animals and require attention from their owners. They were bred to protect and make excellent watch dogs as they are wary of strangers and very loyal to their families.

The Cane Corso is not a beginners dog. They are extremely intelligent and will “push the limits” to see how much they can get away with! If you are intimidated or not firm and consistent-they will run your house.

Cane Corso Dog Breed History

Translated, the name Cane Corso basically means “body guard“ -but can be translated a bit differently in different regions of Italy. In ancient times these dogs walked alongside warriors getting ready for battle. As time went on these dogs adapted to a more civil and farm life. These dogs were tasked with protecting the livestock from other wild animals or any other potential threat. Legend has it that Cane Corso’s were used to fight lions in the Roman empire! By the middle of the 20th century, the Cane Corso had almost become extinct. They could only be found on rural Italian farms. In the 1970s an Italian group of dog enthusiasts located the few remaining dogs and began to breed them-bringing this majestic breed back from near extinction!

Cane Corso Dog Breed Appearance

Males usually weigh a bit more than females with weights ranging from 88-120 lbs. The general coat colors of Cane Corso’s are black and fawn but there are variations such as brindle and “blue”. According to AKC breed standard-

“Acceptable colors are black, lighter and darker shades of gray, lighter and darker shades of fawn, and red. Brindling is allowed on all of these colors. Any color with tan pattern markings as seen in black-and-tan breeds is not acceptable.”

Their lifespan is generally between 9-12 years. If you would like to read more detail about the Cane Corso’s appearance – follow this link to the AKC official breed standards.

Amazing Cane Corso Dog Breed Infographic


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