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Boxer Dog Quick Facts

About the Boxer Dog Breed

As a boxer dog owner for the past 35 years, I have developed a relationship with this breed and in my experience these are some common characteristics I have noticed. By no means do these apply to all boxer dogs-this is strictly my experience!

  1. Perpetual Energy they are always ready to go-run, play and jump.The NEED exercise-crave it. Boxers stay “puppies” playful and energetic for a long time. It seems to take about three years for them to start to calm down a bit!
  2. They Don’t Like to Swim Don’t get me wrong, they love to play in the water. Hoses,              sprinklers and puddles but as soon as their paws are off the ground and they have to swim-they don’t like it! They can swim, and will swim to a spot that will get them out of the water as quickly as possible! I have seen a few swimming boxers before but not many. In my experiences with these dogs-they do not like to swim!
  3. They are Lap Dogs – They crave attention-love kids and want to be sitting in your lap or touching you with their paws. They “wiggle-butt” whenever you walk in the room!
  4. They Learn Quickly – They are housebroken easily and learn commands easily. The most “difficult” task is leash training. They have to be taught how to walk and not want to run after everything they see!

The boxer dog breed originates from Germany in the late 1890’s. It is not clear where they get their name from, but some believe it comes from their tendency to stand on their back legs and “box” with their front paws. Boxers are a descendant of a now-extinct dog breed called the Bullenbeisser and the Old English Bulldog. They were used primarily in hunting wild boar, bear and deer.

Generally, the male Boxer weighs between 70-80 pounds and female between 60-70 pounds. Coat colors are fawn, brindle, or white. They have white “boots” and chests in most cases. Occasionally, in some brindle Boxers, the dark stripes are so dark that it gives the appearance of a black coat. But Boxers do not carry the genes to have black coats. Black boxers do not exist. About 20% of all boxers are born white in which a congenital defect for deafness exists. Estimates are that 17% of these boxers are deaf in one or both ears.

Boxer dogs are very energetic and are prone to a condition called “bloat” in which the stomach “flips” and cuts off their blood supply. I have had one dog suffer from this condition. She needed surgery and survived for several years after. It is good practice never to let a boxer dog eat and exercise after-as this is when the condition is likely to occur.

The boxer dog breed is prone to cancer. It is their number 1 health issue.

Boxer Dog Breed Infographic – Fast facts about this great dog breed.

boxer dog breed infographic

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