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French Bulldog Quick Facts

“The French Bulldog,” also known as the “Bouledogue Francais,” is thought to have descended from the English bulldog. Many believe that the French Bulldog originated from the toy or miniature Bulldog, which originated in Nottinham, England, where he was used as a ratter by shopkeepers.

  • French Bulldogs had cartoonishly cute, rose-shaped ears in the past. American breeders preferred French Bulldogs to have bat-shaped ears and fought hard to showcase that version of the breed. As a result, the French Bulldog has moved away from rose-shaped ears and now completely favors bat-shaped ears.
  • There are nine colors recognized by the American Kennel Club in French Bulldogs. They are: -Brindle -Brindle and White -Cream -Fawn -Fawn and White -Fawn Brindle -White -White and Brindle -White and Fawn
  • French Bulldogs are not great swimmers. They have short snouts, flat faces, and heavy torsos which means they have to tilt their heads high in the water to keep from drowning. Frenchies also tend to have short legs and wide heads which makes it hard for them to stay afloat.
  • French Bulldogs are difficult to breed because of their unusual proportions. Specifically, they have slender hips and short snouts that can create problems for both males and females. Many females have to undergo a cesarean section to ensure the mother and her pups are healthy.


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