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Akita Dog Breed Quick Facts

About the Akita Dog Breed

The Akita is a big-boned dog breed that originated in Northern Japan about 1000 years ago. They were known as “snow country dogs”, becoming more active in the cold weather and snow. Being a large, muscular dog, the Akita was well suited for hunting prey such as bear and wild boar. They were also used in blood sports such as dog fighting which was very popular in Japan at the time.In fact-dog fighting is still legal in Japan today.

There are two “strains” of Akita today – the Japanese Akita and the American Akita. Both “strains” have long coats but have different markings. The images below illustrate some of the differences -although there are many variations and color combinations in both “strains” of Akita. The AKC recognizes the Japanese Akitainu the Akita (American) as two different breeds.

american akita picture
American Akita
japanese akita picture
Japanese Akita

The AKC standard for the breed is that they are intolerant of other dog breeds of the same sex. It would be a good idea NOT to assume your Akita will get along with other canines! Originally bred as hunters-the Akita may not tolerate other animals well either. They should be kept on a leash when in a park or around other animals.They have a strong prey drive.

The Akita tends to have an Alpha personality and can be aggressive. Akita’s tend to be very territorial and guarded with strangers making them intimidating and excellent guard dogs. The breed has been banned or restricted by cities in: Iowa, Louisiana, Michigan, Tennessee, and Washington. This is not a beginners dog as they require an owner with a strong personality who takes control or this dog will run your house!

The breed has a thick double coat made to tolerate the cold weather but do not develop strong dog odors. They are considered one of the cleanest dog breeds around and groom themselves similarly to cat!

About the Akita Dog Breed Infographic

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