14 Interesting Facts About the Pekingese Dog Breed

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Should you get a Pekingese?

There are all sorts of interesting dog breeds out there, and the Pekingese is certainly one of them. This breed is known for its playful temperament and loyalty. If you’re thinking about adding a Pekingese to your family, here are 14 interesting facts you need to know about them first!

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Ancient Chinese Foo Dog

Growing Up Pekingese

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Pekingese Humor!

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Facts About the Pekingese-Final Thoughts

Pekingese dogs are wonderful animals that encompass a unique combination of traits and characteristics. Known as lion dogs, their small size and toy breed status make them the perfect choice for those seeking a pint-sized canine companion with a lot of spunk. Despite their compact stature, Pekingese dogs possess a muscular body that adds to their regal presence. Their flat face and short muzzle give them an adorable appearance that is further accentuated by their thick double coat. Not only are they affectionate little dogs, but they also excel at being good watchdogs, always alert and ready to protect their Pekingese owners. It’s worth noting that these intelligent pups require mental stimulation to thrive, making interactive playtime a good way to keep them happy and engaged. Pekingese dogs are truly the best of both worlds – a small dog with a big personality and an unwavering devotion to their human companions.

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