14 Interesting Facts About the Lhasa Apso Dog Breed

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Should you get a Lhasa Apso?

Lhasa Apsos are known for their independent and confident personalities. They can be aloof with strangers but are loyal and affectionate with their family. They are also intelligent, alert, and have a strong sense of self-importance. Despite their small size, they make excellent watchdogs.

ruby robinson age 6mths x lhasa apso by pauline
Ruby Robinson

Growing Up Lhasa Apso

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Lhasa Apso Humor!

lhasa apso chicken or egg meme

Check Your Lhasa Apso Facts and Take a Fun Lhasa Apso Quiz!

rosie my lhasa apso by johngee
Rosie posted by JohnGee

Facts About the Lhasa Apso-Final Thoughts

Lhasa Apsos are an ancient breed of small dogs that originated in the Himalayan Mountains. With their keen sense of hearing and independent nature, these little dogs make excellent watchdogs. Despite their size, Lhasa Apsos possess a bold and confident demeanor, earning them the nickname “bearded lion dog.” They are also believed to bring good luck to their owners. While they may be small in size, Lhasa Apsos require regular physical exercise to keep them healthy and happy. Additionally, their long, luxurious coats require frequent brushing to prevent matting and tangles and keep them looking their best. Socialization is key for Lhasa Apso puppies to ensure they grow up to be well-rounded and friendly dogs that display affection and not suspicion. The Lhasa Apso is truly a little dog in a bog dog’s body!

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