14 Interesting Facts About the Dogue De Bordeaux

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Should you get a Dogue?

Often called simply the “Bordeaux,” the Dogue De Bordeaux breed is a mastiff type dog with wrinkles that are more pronounced than in other breeds. They are also known as the French Mastiff, Bordeaux Mastiff and Bordeaux dog.

caio giulio cesare e give me a kiss roma by lydia d
Cesar and Roma

Dogue De Bordeaux are known

for their quiet and calm nature. In some cases, they can be shy or suspicious of strangers. In addition to being good watchdogs, Dogue De Bordeaux are excellent companions. These gentle giants love lounging around the house, napping on a couch or a bed, and they require minimal amounts of exercise.

Growing Up Dogue de Bourdeaux

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Dogue Humor!

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The Dogue De Bordeaux has a

massive head. Many consider their head to be the largest in the canine world. According to the UK Kennel club, almost 30% of puppies are born via Cesarean section because of their large head size!

Check your Dogue de Bordeaux Facts and Take a Fun Dogue Quiz!

are you mu mum dogue de bourdeaux puppy by tracey l
2.5 Week old puppy posted by Tracey

Quick Facts about the Dogue De Bordeaux Infographic

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Dogue De Bourdeaux Facts – Final Thoughts

The Dogue de Bordeaux is a fascinating breed that offers a unique combination of strength, loyalty, and affection. As a very large and muscular dog breed, they require special attention to maintain a healthy weight and overall well-being. Despite their intimidating appearance, they are gentle family members who thrive on love and companionship. Being part of the mastiff breeds, they have a rich history and are known for their protective instincts. Whether you’re considering adding an adult dog to your family or simply interested in learning more about large breeds, the Dogue de Bordeaux is definitely worth considering.

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