13 Interesting Facts about Yorkshire Terriers

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Is a Yorkshire Terrier Right for You?

These small and lively dogs are known for their feisty and confident nature. Despite their small size, Yorkies are courageous and can be quite protective of their families. They are also incredibly intelligent and eager to please, making them relatively easy to train. However, these little dogs can sometimes exhibit stubbornness, so consistent and patient training is important.

Puppy Cut
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Yorkshire Terrier and Biewer Terrier

Growing Up Yorkshire Terrier

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Yorkshire Terrier Humor!

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Yorkshire Terriers can be Hard to Train

It’s not because they lack intelligence. While smaller breeds can generally be a bit harder to train, the Yorkie has a confident, almost cocky personality and can be quite stubborn. While obedience training may be somewhat of a challenge, if you are consistent, eventually they will “get it”!

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Quick Facts About Yorkshire Terriers Infographic

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Facts About Yorkshire Terriers-Final Thoughts

Yorkshire Terriers are beautiful and unique dogs. From their long silky coats to their small stature, they have all the qualities that make small breeds so wonderful. But don’t let their size fool you – Yorkshire Terriers have big personalities packed into their tiny bodies. With their playful nature backed by that spunky personality, they make great family dogs and are especially well-suited for apartment living as companion dogs. However, it’s important to note that their beautiful coats require regular grooming to keep them looking their best and, as one of the smallest dog breeds, pet parents must be careful to handle them with care. Yorkies generally have a confident strut and meet the stereotype of a big dog in a small dogs body

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