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12 Interesting Facts About the Bullmastiff Dog Breed

Is a Bullmastiff right for you?

As a dog lover, you probably know that there are many different types of dogs out there. From the tiny Yorkie to the massive Mastiff, each breed comes with its own unique set of characteristics. Here are 12 interesting facts about this powerful breed that will help you decide if they’re the right fit for you.

1) The Bullmastiff has ancient origins in England and Wales through crossbreeding practices between Bulldogs 40% and English Mastiffs 60%. This dog was originally created as a kind of gamekeeper; its primary roles were to catch poachers and keep them away from hunters’ game.

2) The breed was recognized by the AKC in 1934. The first ever Bullmastiff registered with AKC was named Warren Remedy. His owner became the founder of this breed in America.

3) The Bullmastiff stands 23-27 inches at the withers and weighs 105-130 pounds for males while females are smaller, standing 21-25 inches high with weights of 85-120 pounds.

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Bullmastiff standard coat colors-Brindle-Red and Fawn

4) Bullmastiffs are loyal, watchful, protective and aloof with strangers They are obedient but require training early in life to be reliable. This breed makes a great family pet because while they love to play with children, they will protect the child against other dogs or intruders.

5) The Bullmastiff’s can live up to eleven years with appropriate care. The Bullmastiff requires minimal grooming and is an average shedder.


6) Some common health conditions that affect this breed include hip dysplasia (over 25% of dogs affected), elbow dysplasia (over 16% of dogs affected) eye disease and skin allergies. They also may suffer from bloat and loose kneecaps.

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7) The Bullmastiff makes a great family dog and works well in home and country situations. This breed has also been used in police work, however, they are sometimes targeted for unwarranted aggression. While aggressive when necessary, this breed is naturally docile.

8) Bullmastiffs are fearless make excellent guard dogs. They were bred not be big barkers but to track intruders/poachers and frighten them away or subdue them, thus, they are naturally wary of strangers.

9) The Bullmastiff ranks very high for aggression towards other dogs. They have a dog-directed aggression score of 68.7 % which is 20th among 125 tested breeds.

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10) Bullmastiff’s require little grooming and needs only an occasional brushing or wipe down with a cloth to keep them looking good year round. They do, however, tend to drool and their flatulence can clear the room FAST!

11) This breed has a very pleasant demeanor and can be a great family pet, but they do tend to be anxious and stubborn. It is important for these dogs to have a strong owner that can give them rules and limitations. They are huge dogs with a big heart, which is what they need to make an excellent family pet.

12) In the Fast Cat (100 yard timed dog race run by the AKC) the average speed of the Bullmastiff was 22.2 mph. The fastest speed was 27.57 mph. This is a BIG dog that can RUN!

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