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11 Interesting Facts About the Pekingese Dog Breed

Should you get a Pekingese?

There are all sorts of interesting dog breeds out there, and the Pekingese is certainly one of them. This breed is known for its playful temperament, intelligence, and loyalty. If you’re thinking about adding a Pekingese to your family, here are 11 interesting facts you need to know about them first!

1) Pekingese were bred in ancient China to resemble the “Foo Dog”. This mythical creature resembles a cross between a lion and a dog and was/is used to ward off misfortune.

ancient chinese foo dog pekingese dog breed facts
Ancient Chinese Foo Dog

2) Pekingese are not recommended for families with very small children because they can get nervous around them and snap at their hands or feet while playing. However, if brought up together from puppyhood, they can get used to the kids.

3) The Pekingese has a very unique walk-almost a strut. They sway from side to side with a confident, dignified air.

4) Pekingese do not require excessive amounts of exercise. A brisk walk for about 20 minutes a day is usually enough to keep them happy and healthy.

5) It is important that owners brush their Pekingese several times a week, even daily, especially during the shedding seasons. If they are not brushed regularly, their fur will get matted and tangled. Their grooming needs are high.


6) Pekingese generally make very good watch dogs. They are alert, and while they may not attack people, they will let you know when a stranger is around!

7) Pekingese are prone to Proptosis-this happens when the eyeball is displaced from the eye socket. It is usually the result of trauma like a hard blow to the back of the head. Immediate care and treatment will usually clear up the problem.

8) According to research being done at the University of Pennsylvania-the Pekingese rates VERY high-8 of 124 dog breeds-in their aggression towards strangers. They also rank very high in their aggression towards other strange dogs-12 out of 124 dog breeds.

Shangs Face posted by Sherbear

9) In AKC running trials-100 yards- the average speed of the Pekingese was 9.7 mph. The record speed recorded at was twice as fast-at 18.63 mph!

10) Pekingese tend to be loud sleepers. They SNORE and SNEEZE.

11) The average weight of a Pekingese is about 9-18 pounds with heights averaging 7-12 inches. Their fur is long and straight, more so on their tail and head. According to breed standard, ” All coat colors and markings are allowable and of equal merit. Regardless of coat color the exposed skin of the muzzle, nose, lips and eye rims is black.” The breed was recognized by the AKC in 1906.

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