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10 Interesting Facts About the Spinone Italiano Dog Breed

Should You Get a Spinone Italiano?

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As the Spinone Italiano dog breed is relatively new to America, there are still many interesting facts unknown about this breed. Here are ten of those facts.

1) The Spinone Italiano dog breed is believed to have originated alongside the ancient Roman empire. They are one of the worlds oldest hunting dogs. Dogs similar to the Spinone are seen in records as far back as 200 AD. The word ‘spinone’ means ‘big spiny,’ which probably refers to dogs wiry coat and the prickly brush they would hide in when working.

2) The Spinone Italiano is a very loyal breed. In fact, they have been known as a symbol of loyalty in Italy. This dog will follow you wherever you go. They want to be by your side.

3) The Spinone Italiano dog breed’s ancestors were most likely of the Eurasian type with some experts claiming its ancestors were the Spanish Pointer, while others insist that its ancestry starts with the Russian Setter.

4) The official colors of the Spinone Italiano are orange roan, white or brown roan, and white orange, and the markings will be either brown or orange.

5) According to the AKC, the the average running speed of the Spinone Italiano is 20.0 mph, while the fastest recorded time (fast CAT-100 yards) is 24.35 mph.


6) The Spinone Italiano dog breed has been used for hunting pheasants, quails, roe deer, wild boars and foxes. The Spinone is a serious hunter but tends to be rather fun loving and clownish about everything else!

7) The Spinone Italiano is a relatively healthy dog breed. Some of the reported health issues are Hip and Elbow dysplasia, bloat and Cerebellar Ataxia, which is a brain disorder that effects a dogs balance and coordination.

8) Despite the Spinone Italiano’s large size, this dog is still able to get through dense underbrush as it loves to run and is a strong swimmer. They are also known to open refrigerators and turn on sinks. They will find ANY goodies left on the kitchen counter!

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9) The Spinone is a vocal breed and can communicate through a variety of grumbles, barks, sighs and howls. They are also masters of non-verbal communication-they do a lot of talking with thier paws and facial expressions.

10) The breed is relatively popular in Europe but has not caught on in America, According to the American Kennel Club , there were 14 total dogs that were registered with the AKC in 2013.

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