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10 Facts About the Chinese Crested Dog Breed

Should You Get a Chinese Crested Dog?

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Dogs are cherished members of the family in many homes around the world. While all breeds of dogs have their own unique charms, some breeds are more popular than others. If you’re interested in learning more about this unique dog breed, keep reading! This blog post is all about the Chinese Crested Dog breed. Read on to learn ten fun facts about this distinctive breed.

1.) The first thing you need to know about the Chinese Crested is that they are considered “sensitive” by dog standards. They rate VERY high in their fear of strangers and other dogs-and do NOT like to be left alone.They are prone to separation anxiety.

2.) Many owners compare them to cats because they love to sit in high places, such as the back of a couch or chair. They can be clowinish and tend to have a very unique personality!

3.) They are pack animals by nature, which means that they need to feel like they are part of the family. This trait makes them excellent companion pets.


4.) The Chinese Crested is basically a smaller version of the African hairless dog. Chinese Cresteds were once called “African Lion Dogs.” This is because they were originally used in Africa to protect livestock. It is said that the term, “African Lion” was misunderstood by the first traveler who saw them and assumed they were some type of lion-like creature. These African dogs were taken by Chinese merchants and bred to create the Chinese Crested breed.

5.) There are 2 versions of Chinese Crested-hairless and “powderpuff”. The hairless version is more common while the powderpuff is not seen as much because of the dogs genetic make-up. Some owners claim the powderpuff has a “bolder” personality.

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Hairless and Powderpuff Chinese Crested Dogs

6.) They absolutely love attention from their humans, but generally do not like to be picked up or held too much because it makes them feel out of control. They want attention on their terms. Some will actually jump up and sit on their humans shoulder!

7.) They have some unique physical characteristics, aside from being hairless, the have elongated-rabbit-like paws and missing teeth. They also tend to have a rather distinctive howl.

8.) In AKC running competitions, the average Chinese Crested ran at a speed of 20.1 mph. The AKC record for a Chinese Crested is 25.61 mph.

9.) Though they are extremely loyal to their family, they can get aggressive around other dogs that they do not know. This is why it is important to socialize them as much as possible.

10.) They tend to be prone to food alergies. Corn, beats and the lanolin are three things that can trigger alergies. They should be fed a high quality diet. Some owners claim feeding a raw diet suits them better because of their unique teeth.

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